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Approved SPD-Sponsored Courses

The link below provides a current list of trainings approved by SPD. The courses represent the continuing education classes conducted by other entities that have gone through the process to be  sponsored and approved by the Statewide Procurement Division.

Please note that proof of attendance for these courses on this list is required. If your training does not appear in the SPD-Sponsored Approved list, then it is not an SPD Sponsored Approved training.


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Approved NIGP Trainings

The following courses are offered by NIGP (National Institute of Governmental Purchasing, Inc.) and are approved for continuing education purposes for CTCD and CTCM certification renewal.

Please click on the link below for accessing webinar instructions and the discount code. The courses below will be discounted (after discount code is applied) to $25 per course. The discount code will not apply to any other courses and other courses not listed below will not count towards certificate renewal.

NIGP Webinar Instructions for SPDEDU

  • Cybersecurity for Procurement Professionals (1 CEH)
  • Removing the Mystery of RFP Evaluations (1 CEH)
  • How CFR 200 Affects Public Purchasing, Systems and Controls (1 CEH)
  • The Procurement-Supplier-End User Relationship: Navigating Traditional, Advanced, and Services Procurement (1 CEH)
  • Adapting to Procurement Curveballs: How Technology Helps Procurement Teams Build a More Resilient Process (1 CEH)
  • Demystifying Reverse Auctions (1 CEH)
  • Grants: Strategies Before & After Procurement (1 CEH)
  • Public Procurement Practice: Audit (1 CEH)

NIGP The Institute for Public Procurement

Approved NASPO Trainings

**As part of NASPO’s Procurement U Gives Back Program, the courses asterisked below are being offered for free until December 31, 2021.**

The following courses are offered by NASPO (National Association of State Procurement Officials) and are approved for continuing education purposes for CTCD and CTCM certification renewal.

NASPO Procurement U

Link to instructions on payment: Approved NASPO course payment instructions

  • *101* – Foundations of Public Procurement (5 CEH)
  • *102* – Introduction to Market Research (3 CEH)
  • *103* – Introduction to Request for Proposals (RFP) (3 CEH)
  • *104* – Introduction to Negotiations (1 CEH)
  • *105* – Introduction to Terms and Conditions (1 CEH)
  • *106* – Introduction to Sole Source Procurement (1 CEH)
  • *107* – Introduction to Service Contracts (2 CEH)
  • *108* – Introduction to Cooperative Procurement (2 CEH)
  • 202 – Market Research Strategies (2 CEH)
  • Contract Administration Strategies (3 CEH)


How do I upload my SPD-Sponsored Credit?

Procurement professionals renewing a three (3) year certification are required to take 24 hours of SPD-sponsored continuing education or 36 hours if renewing under a dual certification.  If you have taken any of the listed courses please upload them with proof of attendance here: My Account-> Upload Elective Class/ SPD-sponsored training


Procurement professionals renewing a five (5) year certification under 80 continuing education hours should use the State Certification CEH Tracking Document to track any SPD-sponsored courses or procurement courses. The State Certification CEH Tracking document can be found at:



If you have any questions, please email:



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