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Certified procurement professionals are required to take the following courses once every three years in order to maintain certification:

  • Ethics Laws and Professional Standards
  • Renewal Refresher



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  • Ethics Laws and Professional Standards

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    Overview: CTCD/CTCM certificate holders are required to take 24 hours of SPD-sponsored continuing education. One of the 24 hours must be ethics to maintain certification. Directions for Training: 1. Select “Register for this Course”; 2. Click the link under lessons to view the webinar; 3. The recommended browser for viewing this training is Google Chrome; […]

  • Legislative Renewal Refresher (2021)

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    This training will cover legislative updates that impact procurement in the State of Texas that emerged out of the 87th Legislative Session in 2021.  This is required course that does not count towards your continuing education hours.  While you are encouraged to complete this course, if your certificate does not expire until 2024-2025, this requirement will not apply to your certification renewal. You will need to take the 2023 Renewal Refresher that will be made public after the completion of the 88th Legislative session.

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